DENKA: Management Expectations Pre-Training Survey

Your supervisors, team leader/Foreman will be attending a one-day training titled ‘Leading for Results – Thinking & Acting with a Management Mindset’ during the second week of October 2018.


We like to seek your comments and feedback to the following questions. The first 4 questions seek to identify your agreement – disagreement. Select one that best describes the current situation. Questions 5 and 6 require are open ended and would appreciate if you could provide as much specific details as possible. This is an anonymous feedback.

1. I am satisfied with my Supervisor’s/Foreman’s commitment to DENKA’s goals and Mission. *
2. My Supervisors/Foremen work with a management mindset, such as paying attention to reducing waste, safety and increasing efficiency. *
3. My Supervisors/Foremen are committed to do quality work that exceeds the minimum standards. *
4. My Supervisors/Foremen is able to manage conflicts in the workplace *