Training, Not Teaching

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Effective training enables and encourages learning, leading to better retention, recollection, and application of concepts and models in the workplace. In-house trainers, in particular, are in the unique position to meet the specialised training needs of the organisation, transferring the required technical and soft skills to their colleagues within the company.

These Train-the-Trainer sessions are designed to provide the required critical training skills for creating and sustaining an effective learning environment within your organisation.

Drawing upon the ADDIE model commonly used by instructional designers, participants will acquire, assimilate, and apply adult learning best-practices throughout their learning.

A higher level programme targeted towards experienced in-house trainers further builds their facilitation skills through interactive, engaging, and non-traditional techniques that go beyond the norm.

Our Train the Trainer SolutionS

Participants will complete the online LEONARD Profile Inventory (LPI) prior to training, helping them gain awareness regarding the different preferred behaviours and learning styles that people have.

During the workshop, participants will prepare and perform mini presentations and training sessions. As they learn new techniques and approaches, they will continuously refine and iterate this presentation, further improving through feedback from the facilitator and peers.

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