Learning Approach & Methodology

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Our team works with you to identify training needs, objectives, and goals. Using profiling tools as well as pre-session surveys, we get a better sense of the real challenges facing participants, and design the programme to maximise benefit.

interactive hands-on workshop that is reflective and allows learning and application


Our certified facilitators use interactive and hands-on adult-learning facilitation techniques, approaches, and best practices to ensure that participants learn effectively and remain engaged, reflecting on how they can embrace and execute on what they have learnt.

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Participants continue to learn and develop as they engage with micro-learning modules and follow-up sessions that reiterate important concepts, while providing guidance on how they can incorporate and execute their learning and action plan in their everyday life.

Profiling Tools

Our personality preference/type influences the way we manage our work and relationships with other people. Being aware of our style makes it possible for us to stop and reflect on our decisions, and their consequences, before taking action. Knowing this, and the styles of others, provides us with an opportunity to improve personal and team effectiveness.

profiling tools Workplace Big 5 Profile Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile SEIP Myers-Briggs Type Indicator mbti Personality Inventory VIA Character Strengths Basadur Profile LEONARD Personality Inventory lpi

With an understanding of self and others through these personality assessments, participants are able to become more effective and efficient in the work environment.

Our facilitators are certified in the following:

  • The Workplace Big 5 Profile™
  • Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)®
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®  (MBTI®) Personality Inventory
  • VIA Character Strengths
  • The Basadur Profile
  • The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI)

In designing each solution, our team considers factors like the topic, participants, and objectives, and choose the most appropriate profile to ensure that learning is personalised, and that each individual is able to develop a relevant action plan to make a difference.

Interactive, Hands-on Elements lsp lego serious play workshop fun effective reflective results focused

Interactive, Hands-on Elements

Training is boring! At least most of it is...

For any L&D initiative to be effective, participants need to actively engage and internalise knowledge and learning.

To achieve this engagement, our programmes are designed to be interactive, to ensure that every learner is able to actively participate throughout learning.

Using tools like the LEGO® Serious Play® Method and more, our certified facilitators create a safe and effective environment where participants can reflect, share, and develop actionable plans for improvement and development. 

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For training to actually produce results and behaviour change, learning cannot stop when the workshop ends. 

That's why we provide 3-4 weeks of micro-learning after the workshop, ensuring that participants are able to consume and engage with learning modules after formal training.

By reiterating main learning points, prompting application and behaviour change in daily tasks, and allowing self reflection of progress and improvement, these micro-learning modules ensure that each initaitive is sustainable, and produces results.

post workshop sustainable learning and development to ensure execution and application of learning

Follow-Up Sessions

Learning is an ongoing process, and our solutions are designed to reflect that.

We've found that having a follow-up session after participants have completed the micro-learning modules allows them to take time out to reflect upon their progress since the start, making adjustments to their action plan as necessary,

Participants also find that having access to our facilitators after the workshop enables them to discuss obstacles and develop solutions to challenges they faced during the execution of their plans.