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In 2018, we face a workplace that is more diverse than it has ever been. Yes, this brings with it some challenges, but managed effectively, diversity actually offers a myriad of opportunities. 

Every individual has a role to play in creating a fair work environment based on mutual respect. Let your organisation embark on a learning journey that allows them to build and sustain an inclusive and harmonious workplace.

Our programmes on diversity and inclusion will focus specifically on the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in the diverse, international, and multicultural work context of 2018 and beyond, empowering participants to effectively manage and lead across cultures and other diversity elements to avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with diversity.

our Diversity & Inclusion SolutionS

The programme design begins with our team first gaining an understanding of the current diversity related challenges and opportunities facing your organisation. Participants will then complete either the Workplace Big Five Profile™ or LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) prior to the in-person session. These individualised assessments allow participants to recognise their behavioural preferences in the workplace, and learn how to best manage themselves and others.

This assessment is followed up with an interactive, hands-on, and reflective workshop, where our certified facilitators use tools like the LEGO® Serious Play® approach to address and impart the tools, tactics, and mindsets that participants can adopt to drive inclusiveness at work. We further accelerate results and an inclusive culture through effective post-workshop micro-learning and follow-up sessions to sustain learning and build lasting change.

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