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Teamwork is an essential dimension of any high performing organisation. Teams are the only actionable element to manage and solve the problems facing the organisation, and a commitment to a shared mindset by team members is critical for sustained success.

Our teamwork solutions empower participants to recognise and adopt the enabling factors that yield great teamwork. Using collaborative learning, participants will learn and apply practical tools that build trust, improve communication, and enhance team effectiveness. 

Facilitators also ensure that participants internalise the core values of your organisation, coming to a shared understanding of what they mean, and how their day-to-day activities can reflect that meaning.

Our Teamwork & Collaboration SolutionS

Our teamwork solutions can incorporate an individual profiling tool. Depending on your specific needs, we will choose from the Workplace Big 5 Profile, MBTI, and the Character Strength Profile.

During the workshop, our certified facilitators decode the assessment results with participants, and use discussion, reflection, and experiential activities like the LEGO® Serious Play® Approach  to allow them to come to a shared understanding of team values, norms, and expectations.

Teams will continue to learn, develop, and improve after the workshop, through post-session elements like micro-learning and follow-up sessions which ensure appropriate and effective execution and results.

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