What is EQ?

EQ skills can be broken down into two categories – Personal Skills and Social Skills. Essentially, it is about how we manage ourselves, and our relationships with others.

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In every workplace, the individuals who consistently contribute to organisational success over the long run are ALWAYS those who understand and manage themselves and others using effective EQ skills. 

Using individual profiling, alongside the effective, hands-on Stop – Look – Reflect strategy, our EQ Skills learning solution empowers participants with the know-how and confidence to manage others, and more importantly, master self.

Depending on your specific needs, this programme can be designed for individuals from all levels of an organisation, from equipping individual contributors with essential EQ Skills, to cultivating a people-first approach to leadership and communications among executives.

our EQ SKills Learning SolutionS

Each programme incorporates the Workplace Big 5 Assessment or LEONARD Personality Indicator (LPI) prior to the live workshop. This assessment is followed up with an interactive, hands-on, and reflective workshop, where our certified facilitators use tools like the LEGO® Serious Play® approach to introduce and cultivate EQ competencies.

Post-workshop, we enable participants to improve and sustain an emotionally intelligent approach to work through post-workshop micro-learning and follow-up sessions.

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