Team leaders and managers are under constant pressure to do more great work with fewer resources. It looks like they need to secure the power of magic to get things done. Are there other alternatives to cope with this challenging times the team leaders and managers face in the workplace?

The only option is to master practical tools and techniques relating to management & leadership principles that could Make A Difference in the workplace. This would let them manage the unpredictable workplace. These tools and techniques should enable the managers and administrators to handle the challenges they face in areas such as inter-departmental coordination, staff communication, sustaining Job Satisfaction and managing operational efficiency in their respective work areas.

What should they focus when it comes to mastering these techniques that will make their life as team leaders less stressful?

For a start, the L&D professionals could offer learning sessions that would let the team leaders & managers master the skills in the following areas, while remembering the golden principle that they should always  – “lead their people and manage the things”:

  • Every team leader understand their role in improving employee performance in the workplace
  • Know how to use the appropriate Management/leadership styles to collaborate more effectively in Teams to achieve the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Goals
  • Use techniques to manage employee expectations without compromising the organization’s values, using the best communication strategies
  • Apply best practices to enhance staff morale with practical steps that will lead to higher degree of job satisfaction

When trying to get things done, team leaders and managers should remember to start with the ‘why’ aspects of the job, instead of asking ‘how and what that need to be done to get the job completed’. Everyone should remember the fact that for companies to succeed, we need to pay attention to our people – Recognise the work of team members.

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