Achieving Business Outcomes Through People

Power Tools & Techniques for Better Business Outcomes

Achieving Business Outcomes Through People

Power Tools & Techniques for Better Business Outcomes

This course allows participants to achieve:

Shared Leadership

Master techniques to create and sustain collaborative mindsets through Shared leadership

Culture Sensitivity

Acquire strategies to appreciate and manage the diversity of people in the workplace


Practices that will enable people to cooperate and work together

The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI)

The LPI can be used to determine the exact personality profile of the individual. Based on the personality profile obtained, the individual is given suggestions and recommendations for managing his/her well-being in key aspects of the life canvas.

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Programme Summary

This workshop will equip participants with practical tools and techniques related to management & leadership principles. This will enable the managers and administrators to handle the challenges they face in areas such as inter-personal relations, team cohesiveness, inter-departmental coordination, staff communication, sustaining Job Satisfaction and managing operational efficiency in their respective work areas.

The interactive training & facilitation will introduce the essential managerial and leadership skills that will enable managers and staff members to manage their roles with confidence.

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At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Their Personality Type:
  • Appreciate Diversity In Personality Types For Better Communication And Teamwork
  • Create a session for interactions and bonding to create a higher cohesiveness of leadership within an organization; 
  • Build & sustain a platform for managers and above to share the experiences and challenges in leadership; 
  • Create a platform of sharing about strategic planning and support from each other. 
  • Adopt a positive mindset to bring out their best in the workplace
  • Communicate the vision & strategy of the organization to younger team members with confidence

This training session will provide practical tools and ideas on building the interpersonal relationship, and related people skills that will enable the participants to manage the workplace situations with confidence.

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