Using the LEGO® Serious Play® method

LEGO® Serious Play®, as it is known today (commonly abbreviated as ‘LSP’), began as an idea for LEGO’s internal use. It was developed as a more imaginative way of developing the company’s strategic direction and was designed to unfold the human potential in the workplace. 

Why Use LEGO® Serious Play®?

The LSP approach enables, organisations to unlock the knowledge that exists in the room and move away from habitual thinking.

A certified LSP facilitator leads the group through a series of questions, which dive deep into the issues. Each participant builds his/her own 3D model using LEGO bricks in response to the facilitator’s questions. This is followed by sharing and reflection.

The 4 steps process of LSP – Theme/Question, Build, Share & Reflect is followed throughout the learning session. 

LSP @ Workplace: Possible Applications
LSP Method can be applied to develop people, teams, and business.  LEGO® Serious Play® Method can be used to facilitate the following topics/themes:

• Creativity & Innovation @ Work
• Becoming a Better Team
• Role of Supervisors
• Bridging diversity in the workplace
• Strategic Planning

Additional topics can be designed to suit the organisation’s training needs

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