Profiling Tools

Why Use Profiling Tools?

Our personality preference/type influence the way we manage our work and relationship with other people. Being aware of our style, make it possible to stop and reflect our actions before making the choice. Knowing our style and the style of others provide us with an opportunity to improve the personal and team effectiveness. With the understanding of self and others through personality assessment, one becomes more effective and efficient in the work environment.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Personality Inventory

The inventory based on the work of Carl G Jung allows us to understand the individual preferences on each of the four dichotomies (Extraversion – Introversion; Sensing – Intuition; Thinking – Feeling; Judging – Perceiving).

The tool will help us to understand what make the person to behave in a certain manner in the workplace. Unlocking the MBTI® insight through the profile enables individuals to identify their preferred way of doing things.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™           

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 personality assessment is based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality. This is a truly reliable assessment compared to other personality assessment. It focuses on behaviours in the work environment.

If you are concerned about improving productivity, self-awareness, and the bottom line results, you should wish to integrate this tool as part of training and development.

The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI)

The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) was designed by Professor Dr. Leonard Yong (retired Professor, Department of Counseling & Educational Psychology, University of Malaya) to profile behavioural preferences of individuals.

The LPI Software is a user-friendly computer program that can be used to determine the exact personality profile of the individual. Based on the personality profile obtained, the individual is given suggestions and recommendations for managing his/her well-being in key aspects of life canvas.

Emotional Intelligence Profile

The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® is a scientifically validated instrument on the market today. The tool developed and administered by the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence® measures both the social and emotional intelligence of an individual.

The Basadur Profile

The assessment helps individuals to gain a deeper understanding of problem-solving and creative thinking style. With the assessment, individuals learn how to optimise work performance by engaging in activities that drive innovation at work.


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