People & Organisational Performance (POP) Discovery Session

An initiative to help organisations define and discover hidden performance challenges and opportunities


About POP Discovery

This is an initiative led by CreativityAsia's senior facilitators. Part workshop, part strategic planning, these sessions are designed to enable senior leaders and HR teams to remain agile and react to the biggest organisational needs at this very moment.

We seek to help you answer one major question:

What is the ONE thing right now, if changed/eliminated/adopted, will enable us to take the organisation, and our people, to the next level?

Using CreativityAsia's specialised, interactive, and effective approach to facilitation and learning, our facilitators work with you to explore challenges, hurdles, and opportunities that your team might not yet collectively understand.


Why should I do this?

Having worked with hundreds of clients to design and deliver learning solutions, we've found that all too often, organisation's operate too close to the trees that it becomes too easy to lose sight of the forest.

In making a mindful effort to step away from the day to day, look at the overall strategy, direction, and initiatives you have in the next 6-18 months, and be guided through the process of identifying gaps/opportunities by an experience facilitator, your team will be able to discover hidden challenges and breaks to take you to the next level.

Examples of some challenges and hurdles participants have uncovered include:

  • a complete lack of organisational alignment that, if unresolved, would make meeting their revenue targets impossible
  • managers who were too focused on tasks at the expense of people, resulting in significant and costly turnover and employee engagement issues
  • a silo mindset that enveloped most departments in the organisation, causing unnecessary time and resource investments, along with workplace conflicts
  • a process oriented and risk-averse culture that produced employees who only followed the rules and never strayed from the lines, causing stagnation and inefficiency
  • a situation in which "fire-fighting" had become the norm, where only urgent tasks were completed, with no room left to handle things important to the future and growth of the company


How does it work?

We approach the initiative through 2 sessions.

The first session is done with the L&D manager/in-house HR practitioner. The objective of this session is to introduce our facilitative approach, and better understand the workings of your organisation. Here is where both parties determine whether there is a fit, and serves as the first step for the development and design of the second session.

The second session is done with a mix of the larger HR team and senior leaders of the organisation. This is where, using a range of interactive tools and facilitation best practices (such as the LEGO® Serious Play® Method, Visual Trigger Cards, etc.), our facilitators guide those present through a series of activities and guiding questions, enabling a fruitful discussion of hidden knowledge and opinions in a safe sharing and learning environment.

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Why is it free? What's the catch?

At our core, we're a learning and development company. What we've found though, is that traditional training needs analysis (TNA) rarely do enough to really uncover the genuine needs of today's organisations. Yet, in the VUCA world of today, equipping people with the relevant mindset and skillset is all the more important.

Having successfully run though this process with clients to discover and drill down on their biggest obstacles, we know it is an exercise every other organisation can benefit from.

We are completely confident in our approach and methodology, as well as the ability of our facilitators to provide immense value for your team. Where software companies can offer a free trial of their platform, service companies a more limited in how they can show their value.

Think of the POP Discovery as our version of a 30 day free trial. If you like the approach, and the result of the discussion is something we can help you with, then great - We can explore how to work together post session!

If our expertise aren't in line with your needs, you don't see the value in working with us, or you want to handle the outcome internally or with another partner, feel free to do so as well.


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Currently, the POP Discovery is only available to teams and organisations based in Singapore