The Art of Managing People

Essential Management & Leadership Skills for Success @ Work

The Art of Managing People

Essential Management & Leadership Skills for Success @ Work

This course allows participants to achieve:

This course allows participants to achieve:


Tools to work together with a people-centered approach


Tools & Techniques to Adapt, Cope & Enjoy the Diverse work environment


Using non-financial approaches to inspire & motivate team members

The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI)

The LPI can be used to determine the exact personality profile of the individual. Based on the personality profile obtained, the individual is given suggestions and recommendations for managing his/her well-being in key aspects of the life canvas.


Programme Summary

This training session will provide practical tools and techniques related to leadership and management principles that will enable participants to handle the challenges they will face in areas such as leading people, decision making, leading teams, sustaining employee Job Satisfaction, and managing change. The management and leadership skills relating to ‘The Art of Managing People’ dimensions will be the main focus areas of this training.

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All participants will complete the online LEONARD profile prior to training. Each participant will receive a personalized report on Day 1 and we will use the report throughout the 2 days of training.



At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Use the appropriate leadership styles to collaborate more effectively across work units and people from diverse cultures
  • Adapt your style to suit the behavioural style of others
  • Use non-financial focused approaches to Motivate employees in the workplace
  • Create and sustain people-centered practices in the workplace
  • Enhance staff morale with practical leadership skills and tools that will lead to a higher degree of job satisfaction
  • Work well in a multi-cultural environment
  • Manage conflicts effectively for the benefits of the business
  • Lead change efforts more successfully in the workplace

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