Cracking the Code of Teamwork

Teamwork Tools to Unfold Team Performance @ Work

Cracking the Code of Teamwork

Teamwork Tools to Unfold Team Performance @ Work

This course allows participants to achieve:

This course allows participants to achieve:

Team Performance

Tools & practices to optimize the team effort and results

Cohesive Team

Powerful Tips for building cohesive teams


Practices that will build and sustain collaboration within teams

The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI)

The LPI can be used to determine the exact personality profile of the individual. Based on the personality profile obtained, the individual is given suggestions and recommendations for managing his/her well-being in key aspects of the life canvas.


Programme Summary

Effective teams are critical for the success of a work unit. Active participation of all team members with an open mind to take on new responsibilities is the basis of high-quality and cost-effective services in the workplace.

TEAM members require multiple skills, competencies and positive work attitudes. This is the key to sustaining high performance in their workplace. This workshop will provide the relevant skills and competencies so that they can build and sustain high-performance TEAMS.

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All participants will complete the online LEONARD profile prior to training. Each participant will receive a personalised report on Day 1 and we will use the report throughout the 2 days of training



At the end of this training supervisors and managers will be able to:

  • Apply appropriate tools and techniques to build energy and momentum to achieve goals
  • Build and sustain effective relationship to unfold team performance
  • Enhance team members’ motivation and energy levels, thus enabling them to undertake new responsibilities and risks, when getting things done in the workplace.
  • Bring out the potential of team members so that they can achieve the organisational goals on an on-going basis.

This training session will provide practical tools and ideas on leadership, and management principles that will enable the participants to handle the challenges they face in their teams

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